Monday, February 13, 2012

Consequences to Chase Down the Children of Jah

Yes that may be the case at one point, there is a another part that is not looked at. We are all created by him but after sometime many have gone away from him alienating themselves from the fold only to be adopted by no other than the dark forces of nature as we might know them to be who appear as angels of light to others. The book says they were grafted in that is after many of them left as we are claiming to be brought back into the fold. Yet there are those that had never left which do not need to be brought back in or adopted just orientated or debriefed as we know that.

Red sea - a Christian perspective
God brought Israel out of slavery in Egypt with a mighty miracle: the parting of the Red Sea. The sea parted to let the Israelites pass safely through, but closed in on the pursuing Egyptians

The chasing now a days may come in one form or another in today's world, not like the days of King-Pharaoh and King Moses with children of the day. Today to me if you have the imagination, picture that smell that come from the tail pipe of Iblis and his co-hordes, every corner you turn or intersection one may come to it is hard not to get that feeling that you are being chased down by something. I know that many of you know that feeling not that it is intimidating it is surely unpleasant of a aroma when they're is nothing in the belly or in the head from a long rest. Then if your a person that has to get outside to get breakfast first before work start then it is intensified. The stench of the Abyss. Those who are in denial and have all the excuse in the world about the realities of that effect on the human body and mind are purely acting/ pretending as if nothing is wrong or right about or it is fine we can live it.
Wait then until...keep your stinking attitude up it will be fixed eventually by the holy ones as the work may not be seen to those perishing

Hebrew Goodbye Pharaoh
Hebrew: Moses says "Let My people go!" Pharaoh won't. God sends 10 plagues on the Egyptians. Frogs, lice, boils, locusts, hail, darkness follow. God sends a death Angel to kill the firstborn sons, but with passover (lamb's blood over the door), Israel escapes through the Red Sea by a miracle.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Homo Sapien - Homo Galactus

We experience it every night when we go to sleep and then when we wake up we forget usually where we went, what we did and the why, how and when stuff. For those who are vividly in tune with themselves of them I speak...

You are those I speak of because that is the realm I mostly have life... no pain, sorrow and hatred, just supreme being. Do your deep breathing, stretches and exercise your muscles on a regular basis and am not speaking about every now and then. It will release tension and open up vessel in the wall of body. Find out what it is to initialize your power spots and have your root chakras opened up...