Spiritual Anthroplogy - Engram Codes-Mapping

An altered sense of time and spiritual experiences , as well as for ... Genetic: produce genetic damage or developmental abnormalities in fetuses. So what is our spiritual genetic map? What does the Christian genome look like? How does it affect our spiritual lives? 

Adam - Bryan Adams - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
Andrew & Sarah Edwards (Abrams)
Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba/ Shiva/ Prema Sai


Bala Sai Baba Materialization

Sai Baba On Service - No Magic Tricks 1983

Aaron - Aaron Neville
Abednego/ Ben Johnson
Beethoven/ the, Mormonite

Belshazzar King/ Wayne Bell

Bob Marley -Theodore Chambers
Cornelius E. Steeles/ Centurian
Leslie A. Slowley Sr/ King Abiel
Backwards Rider, Leslie A. Slowley Jr  / Daniel Prophet/ King Daniel 12:1 And at that time Archangel Meshach
Dan Ogden/ Dan
King David / David Bahrabadi
Deborah Prophetess/ Veronica Romain

Queen Esther/ Esther Vera

Eve LaRoche/ Eve

Archangel Gabriel

Jermain Jackson/ Acsended Master Saint Germaine

Marriah Carey/ Mount Mariah

Archangel Silk/ Garnet Silk
The, Archangel Michael/ Michael Joseph Jackson
Got to Be There
Music & Me
Forever, Michael
Off the Wall


  Remember the time

Queen Ophrah/ Oprah Winfrey
Greggory Isaac
King Saul/ Apostle Paul/ Frankie Paul (Dancehall)
Jacob/ Jacob Lane Jr
Queen Sheba/ Cheryl A. Audain
King Solomon/ Salmon Rushdie

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