Friday, May 6, 2011

3-4 Transitional Phase

EmergencyIs the word for all 3 density beings. Plants, Animals and the big AND Human being!!!
Get ready for the change. Wether you are ready or not here it comes. The change is from homo sapien to homo galactus...It is not the end of life, it is the begining of a new style of living thats all. You should be able to know what your circumstances are and what it will be like for you or your loved ones. It will be something like this, the way how a pic etc will be uploaded/downloaded what is being  done and were does the file go, that all depends on issues etc. neg/pos, put it this way, everyone will get what they deserve that is for sure. What I am saying is the way you lived is what will determine were you or your friends are... It should be plain to see futures from this point on if not then take it like a hard ball coming your and your family, friends or sweet hearts way...

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