Thursday, June 6, 2013

Recessive trait/ Blockage-Selfishness-Hatred-Anger

There is a connection, think, look, know-his followers look for him and he looks for them too-under the control of design!
From what I understand a lot of them (Caucasians) may find out through there peoples own scientific investigations they might now know that their linage is comes from serpent the fall of the Devil/ Luciferians from the throne in Heaven and that their ancestral seed that hit the ground really hard as dinosaurs age/ reptilian (serpent).

Fire came down from heaven and devoured their existence in the past. Further sentencing to come as the Oil rich deposit (blood of that old serpent) became an link to those who can comprehend or follow how the fact that they do not want you to really know how much they know about themselves.

Now look how many blacks are waiting to awake up out of this delusion in time for the sabbath. The majority needs to hear this message and get out of the clutches of dangerous positions before they disappear under the last attempt to destroy the will our promised Rule as this was in the beginning then in future!
Remember where you have been! Those millions of blacks in America with so called dollars are almost not even aware of their way of living is not even close to what it should be and that can change any second. When that age is able to crack their spell and burn it once and for all for all to see as a divine decree. As a matter of some of those white people may end up saving their own rears if they are honest with how they see themselves may make their way back to the motherland in peace and safety. Dragging of feet does not pay when it comes to a U turn history. It is not going to happen on it's own and if that does happen thank good old mother nature.
We have a multitude of organized churches with preachers, bishops, and likes who profess to follow Christ but yet still have not yet seen what they look like from a non delusional diagnostics aspect of spirituality-who travel daily under the blood of Satan and not under the blood of Christ who is all Light and the first born from the dead-where his body did not decay!
All the queens/kings monarchy horses and all the men will not be able to fix Babylon Empire ever again.
Why do you all think the oil companies are that big, it is because that is to cover up what it should be like which is opposite to what the globe looks like even now (Fabricated) like a gigantic cemetery. To again keep you from living out of your mind that they seem to be advertising to and trying to control your actions as to self realizations of who we are even as individual expressing uniqueness of character.
Think quantum distractions every time we wake up you will see them all across the globe fall into their hypnotic states, following the influence of the wretched beast who has no care or concerned that if you snooze you lose and this is real stuff. They want you to think you are just male or just female. When in fact you are not even a full person unless both male and female is combined to make  what we call a person (1) within self freely.
If I did lose you somewhere it is not easy to see the picture if no interest in personality is involved to the point where you already suspect upon the rotation of the globe that their is where it begins the the cycle of bewitching (who is in on it) the closes people to your and farthest too...
Like cops at the behest of a damned queen of the serpent/ mother seedlings following the decption and not interested in any remorse for Children suffering all over the world with their parents some separated because of what am saying here.  They see nothing wrong with your frustration as what they do seems to be fine
Uniformed & Under cover so called officers running around casually harasses people whenever they find this necessary while in travel-going to work, school etc. Just because, but these days are still numbered where this will not go on forever. Something has to give and nature will fix problem too! since the ones in place to manually make are not will have to face their own fears of not letting go of such hurtful governments of this world.
Walking, driving, flying to keep people who seem to be living in duality down by laws set in motion from slavery establishment. Try living in the bushes and it is a problem they cant take the fact that freedom is under your nose, but did you know that.

Picture an movie being made in this way but, no one says Lights, Camera, Action. It is hushed now and is hidden just go with the flow they say the norms of society. Go get a job, when you are the job. I hit the beaches and watch them keep pretending like as if they are doing something about all the problems they have and are causing by not giving into innocent children and the family that has to raise them while they fly, drive, boat anywhere they think to go in a system they created for themselves. Meanwhile you can't even jump as far as you can to get to where you want to go without them talking about fucking ID (excuse me). White people want you to feel comfortable with what they have made and are doing supposedly for you. Just forget where you come from and are possibly going

Cemetery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A cemetery is a spatially defined area where the remains of dead people are buried or otherwise interred. The term "cemetery" (from Greek κοιμητήριον: ...
 It is like living in denial despite the bridge for others in the same dimension for other reason who are now here seeing the potential of the human spirit of which they are included to see the bridge beyond the rainbow and know that we must cross it or face catastrophic event and keep the the door to Life open for those who can see, hear , taste feel to proceed with raising the vibration of our society and the way that we all live as one. Other life form are affected because they won't give in and give up this globe which is under quarantine to those who have been and will take of it. Seething at every intersection is the moan and the groan of a past reality. The way traffic sound when you are inside is the practically what it would sound like if are able to go back in time and actually live in an age of Dinosaur Communicating with each other. LAND.AIR.SEA

The crawling transportation traffic jam style still resembles attributes of his family. That is why Black people should wake the hell up and take their own inherent role as Redeemer (Golden Age). Green House/ Cars/Organic Farming.

I wish black people will wake up right now and quit buying their demonic gas cars (vehicle of mass destruction), Slave house (shingles) and fake foods (GMO) - come together in the day to recover our so called lost inheritance right in front of heaven on stand by.

It is ok in Caucazoidians eyes to see you smell the tobacco with who knows how much chemical in it casually passing by on the sidewalk or while near the front entrance of a building but if it is any other smoke than sleeping gas it is fine.

If the stuff am talking about came about. This is what it can be like in society say we used some of our imagination. Electric or green vehicles on the road generally speaking would quiet, always smell fresh and people glowing from healthy organic eating.

Recessive trait - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In genetics, a recessive gene is an allele that causes a phenotype (visible or detectable characteristic) that is only seen in a homozygous genotype (an organism ...

Luciferians and Satanists - How Luciferians differ from Satanists › ... › Alternative Religions A-Z
While Luciferians and Satanists both employ terms commonly associated with the Devil, they are not the same. Learn the similarities and differences between ...
Black people needs to know Backwards Rider (Horsewoman) and what am in support of and what the program stands for. Backwards Rider is for Greening the globe completely and in a split second if needs be. Keep your eyes on Black(White)house, Jerusalem/ Africa- Restitution.

Warning: If you are living in duality this page will not make sense to you!

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