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Energize Chakras With Chi
Chakras are also called acupressure points in acupuncture. Based on traditional Chinese Medicine, there are over 350 chakras in our body, each serves a particular function to make us healthy by governing the chi, or qi, flow in certain regions in our body. Cultivate and enhance these chakras are vital to sustain our health systematically and prevent us from getting ill.
For 5,000 years, the Chinese have learned about chakra and their importance, as well as developed practices to enhance and energize them. All of these works on the same principles of qi(pronounce chi). Later on, the practice and concept of chakra and chi were passed to Japan and developed into "Reiki" or "spiritual chi" primarily targeted at resolving health issues, or "ki" in Korea primarily serves a foundation for power or energy in martial arts. In China it remained as part of the Chan practice, where chi and chakra practice serves primarily as the foundation to support higher spirituality and clarity of our mind.
Heart Chan Meditation is such a practice from China, which will enhance your chi generation, energize your chakras as well as improves mental clarity and spiritual awareness. For 28 years we have taught Heart Chan Meditation in Taiwan with unimaginable results. Now it is available to you for free.
Well, since we are a non-profit public benefit organization, we do welcome donations.
The essence of Heart Chan practice is the following:
  • It is taught by a teacher who already witnessed and experienced it all.
  • It has been practiced by enough people who have personally experienced many of such effects at various levels within a reasonable time frame.
  • It is from an authentic lineage with a tradition and proven track records for centuries.
  • It is free for anyone to try, regardless of their faith or religion, since we all wanted the world to be a better place.
How are we able to make such a claim? The reasons are very simple. Our teacher who has already witnessed and experienced this journey. Yet he does not want to limit the teaching he treasured to just a privileged few. He believed deeply that it should be openly taught to everyone in the world and make our world a better place. As you know, the teaching of Chan was historically transmitted mostly on a one-to-one basis, only to a hand-picked few, or in other words, mostly just from master to his hand picked few.

Chan Master Teacher Wujue Miaotian
Upon his enlightenment in 1979, Chan Master Teacher Wujue Miaotian realized that anyone can reach enlightenment, regardless of his or her religion or faith. As long as we purify our ego, energize our body and focus our spirit, we all can live an enlightened life. Enlightenment is just a label representing the "truth of the universe - harmony, wisdom and beauty, etc." Although Chan Master Teacher is from an authentic Mahayana Buddhist lineage, he realized that his objective is no different from those of Buddha or Jesus -- liberating the sufferings for all of us, then landing us in heaven. This does not mean avoiding challenges in life or escaping to heaven, but rather facing and solving our everyday issues with energy and wisdom and living heaven on earth. So he decided to present himself not as a monk and began his teaching to corporations, university, jails, drug rehabs, etc. in 1983, just as any teacher.

The uniqueness of "Heart Chan Meditation" taught by Chan Master Wujue Miaotian are as follows:
  • It de-stress us by redirect our monkey mind into focusing on key chakras, or acupressure points in our body.
  • Simultaneously, it energizes our body and boosts up our immune system through orthodox Chinese chi cultivation.
  • It awakens and focuses our spirit so that we can manage ourself better instead of being enslaved either by external events, or our thoughts or inner emotions.
Proven Orthodox Practice Of Chinese Chakar Based Practice
Ten Chakras and Chi Channels of Heart Chan Meditation
Heart Chan practice is this orthodox Chinese Chan practice that is being taught in Taiwan for 28 years. As illustrated by the picture on the right, "Chi Flow of the Ten Chakras through Three Channels", Heart Chan Practice is a complete systematic practice integrating our body, mind and spirit.
If you have heard of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, fengshui and qigong, you'll know the importance of the Chi (energy).
Heart Chan Practice is the only technique which cultivates both the Chi and the Jing simultaneously, and in turn enhances our Shen(awareness). The Canon stated very clearly, "The level of Shen (awareness) is dependent on the level of the Chi (energy), produced by the Jing(essence). On the other hand, the level of Shen (awareness) will help to monitor and cultivate the level of Chi(energy). They are inter-related and they interact."
Abundance of Chi makes us healthy. Sharp Shen (awareness) helps us to recognize our inner temptations and moderate our habitual additions so that our inner self functions harmoniously and is thus always in sync with nature. In sync with nature enables us to witness the truth of our universe.
Besides, the Chinese character of Shen(神) also literally means god or divinity.
Sustainable Rejuvenation And Transformation
These are the main reasons for Heart Chan Meditation to set itself apart from most other meditation practices that teach just sitting quietly, without any cultivation of Chi or Shen.
Meditation without cultivating our Chi and Shen could only quiet our mind during the sitting. After we get up from the floor and get back into the real world, we become trapped by our habits again.
Healthy Chi and Shen are two of the basic components needed for us to be able to manage our daily life and do what we know is good for us. One does the monitoring and the other enhances the energy to sharpen the focus and awareness. This continual positive cycle in reenforcing each other enables the sustainability of total rejuvenation and transformation.
Register For Free Online Classes
Though we use many Chinese cultural practices as a supporting reference, the actual practice of Heart Chan Meditation is taught only from one master to the next on an exclusive basis.
We encourage you to register for three months of free online classes, and follow our authentic teachings of Heart Chan Meditation everyday for 90 days to witness the benefits for yourself.
Please note however, to effectively benefit from the numerous powerful effects from Heart Chan meditation requires a lot of hard work. The effort required to rejuvenate yourself is no less than what's required in shaping up your body, mastering a sport, or changing a diet.

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