Tuesday, December 3, 2013

the Solar Sabbath Vigil

Of which I am in sinq - there is biblical scripture that tell us of such a period in history actually exist on a global level. Share a comment(s) if you know where this is in revelation?

the Solar Sabbath Vigil was established by me around and about the year 2000 to assist seers with understanding of where we are in this cycle of life... Armed with smudge stick and pot pouri bowls
Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship
1607 E. Hastings St. Vancouver, BC V5L 1S7 Ph. (604)251-4844. 

The Window Community Art Shop

9 West Hastings, Vancouver BC 604-629-8396

Everyday we sit in a circle and make these for anyone in the community to use in their own traditional or cultural rites. We are mourning the physical death of Mother Earth as she is plundered by aggressors... We also know that she will go through a rebirth as she contracts to bring forth a new beginning, thanks be to the kingdom of heaven.

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