Sunday, March 4, 2012

Missing Parents

Small said that police in Vancouver are so covert that you have to walk with the charter of rights because of what they have been doing for some time now.

My mom is a missing person she exclaimed to me, I gasp and held on to "Z" as I went into shock when so went on to say how they thought she was a guy, wrapping her in a blanket with phone books in the forest and a bunch of cops started to kick her repeated with their steel toe boots and even in the head. Luckily she is ok but am still shaken not because am scared but because they will not get away with this, just because they will be hunted down by the kingdom of Jah and dealt with in the Divine Courts of Justice.

No one will escape murder, or anything as criminal as violently abducting a person against their will. Especially if it is a child of Light it doesn't matter how much time passes by... The dark forces of nature has for sometime thing thing that time will erase what past has gone wrong, we have new, news the time is coming for all things to be revealed even up to the second.

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