Friday, March 9, 2012

Heaven watches, them watch U

Does it feel like you are being followed. Check in a triangular and you can see the eyes of the dark of the falling or fallen put their objects of vanity in your eye pathway every turn, parking their vehicles of mass destructions. They know not what they do those being led astray or going to astray, on the other hand the conscious one awake to the awaking ones, do know what they are doing and do.
With their fire trucks and sirens high pitched horn sound of discrimination wrecking the ear drum when it should be music going to put out fires and responding to calls, poor babies, poor people...

Armies, police forces even the under cover officers will be held in contempt, obstruction of justice and many countless illegalities towards societies in the divine court of justice for oppression and crimes against humanity as the great day of the one infinite creator.

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