Thursday, November 29, 2012

Context of Issue - Jerusalem

 Solar Temple
Equivalent to Skydome and bigger
I will not fund the unrest of my people will not support, tailpipes of exhaust (sleeping gas) coming from out of your VEHICLES of MASS DESTRUCTION as long as the sun shines and the wind blows.

There is 1 eternal day. The rotation of the planet is not going erase the issues at hand since the creation of mankind. Not sleep, drugs, GMO food is going to make me forget the love of Christ and what he chose to do for everyone.

Before any of you where born who stopped you from getting the free ride here but yet still all obstacles has been made to hamper even the genius of  them all will pay of cut down trees.
The point is that to rebuild the temple which needs to be the end of unrest for my original jewish (not adopted, or grafted in) people and their safe return to Israel has to take place first in order to satisfy the fires from heaven...

 The rebuilding of Jerusalem
Clean transportation - Electric Vehicles and of the sort
Organic Foods
Solar panel housing
Deep breathing exercise, Stretches, Meditation.

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