Thursday, November 8, 2012

Uravelling a Proclamation

In 1994 for those people  at the time do remember how the legal size paper came about with the 100+ names of people I saw grow up in my eyes near and far came about like magic in the air...

This list is not in any way limited to 100 channelled to my pen for the world to know that our Heavenly Father or as other light being may utter Prime Creator. At the moment I was being awoken to his promise and deeds to fulfill the account of the lost tribes of the house of Israel rebellious as she is and going her own way with the free will given.

But this mention has to be updated as to the proclamation and the dealing with what is and was done to peoples places and things regarded the chosen ones, that is to say for there sake and the divine justice of heaven to earth must be now at hand to complete the cycle of the rule of mankind on this planet, mother earth.

King Daniel

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