Monday, November 5, 2012

Second Coming of Jesus Christ Dream

Second Coming of Jesus Christ Dream
I had a dream where I was under ground area concrete every where but these people where a crowd of people were stuck a pondering almost in a corner and in deep water to their shoulders and i had with me a scriptures book and was trying to read it to them. Some were coming towards me to try and look at it from over my shoulders and in it I saw a picture of my Dad and I was then trying to hide it because i didn't want them to know my Dad's secrets but he said it was fine and came to join me we were both telling the people to repent of there sins and believe in God + Jesus Christ, the second coming is near. None of them were listening and then the earth shook and my dad said hurry and we left upstairs into light and were in front of the church where brother Tanner, Brother Gorbahn were (church priesthood holders and branch presidents), and my dad had his priesthood restored back too and we all hurried to a building I think a Christian building but can't remember it's looks but my dad pointing up at the sky to see the sun had blackened but all around was light, it kept getting larger as it came closer to the earth so that I could see electrical circuits traveling in and around the massive ball that nearly covered half of the sky, it was circling, orbiting straight around the earth so fast another appeared beside it to join it beside now almost covered the whole sky once they both came around it paused and slowed down at the last second and both unveiled there darkness and could see gold plated bullet shaped ships with silver bottom plating and odd never seen familiar details to it bottom part the top part was flat plated gold and then my dad said hurry we must find Leah (my sister) we ran into the building ahead and looked  to the left and saw Leah smiling with a wide open glorious smile the place was completely white as snow. I think that the bullet shaped gold plated designed ships were veiled with black electricity to shape them like balls were atomic bombs but i also had another thought that they were god's ships the black electricity killed the wicked but the righteous could see past the veil before he picks them up in the castle on a cloud, electricity to destroy the wickedness of the world before the second coming and the faithful +righteous will be brought up into the castle on a cloud as it describes n the scriptures and prophecies signs of the second coming when Jesus Christ will come again in the 7000 Millenium, around no one knows the date or time of it (not even the angels) but to always be prepared, and ready, to read the scriptures is very important that what I think the dream meant also and to give a example (Taste of what the second coming signs would be like and happen). I was holding my scriptures tight because they made me feel protected and safe(calm). I leave these things with you In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

by Ai Enma Jigoku Shoujo on Monday, November 5, 2012 at 12:59pm ·

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