Sunday, February 10, 2013

M-ark of the B-east

Children of Light you are all welcome into the many mansion of our heavenly father, once again directed towards those lost in the confusion of time and transition of establishing the more over the Divine Kingdom of Light.

Ever since Lucifer was ousted out from the holy of holies many souls have determined that they are lost and don not know the what, where, when, why, when and How of this journey. Backwards Rider Program is the macro version of manually grabbing hold of the heavenly chariots again from were everything left from the time the vision became a blur in the 3rd dimension from a spiritual aspect of living in perfection as life went downwards only to have an experience of the human condition.

Mass Mental Therapy (MMT) Brain Power. Backwards is Forward and Forward is Backwards.
If every airliner came together and decided with the assistance of scientific illustration and artist depicting the scene and as time went by what this atmosphere would look like many would find a hope to visualize for one self a clear picture of what the future will be like from different aspects. The 4 corner stone of building majority of an advance civilization. keys to hold or be aware of for battle.

Organic Foods, Non Rental Units or Space for Cut down trees to make money, Clean non polluting or toxic vehicles, Stretches and Deep Breathing (inhaling air into mouth and exhale through nostril

The mark of the beast manifesting itself presently as a type of lifestyle entangles folks who wish to worship Prime Creator, are created by those holding the vibration on the earth down since Cain and Able Movements and other mind control mechanisms, like telling lies to cover up true stories.

A clear way to know if you are in the category of  
devil worshiping 

1. Using vehicles Land, Air and Sea to which does destroy air by pumping fuel created from oil, Tar sands
2. Selling or making available for purchase GMO products
3. Paying rent from your hard earnings to slave, death house (shingled roofing)
4. Denying the power of Light

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