Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Twinkle D Enlightenment

dooby tuesday  News's a smokin hot   poking smot   news  report

Hanford nuclear facility in Washington state is a mega mess of toxic radioactive sludge.
56million gallons contained in one wall corroded underground containers that have been
leaking and seeping into the water table.

Suspiciously this almost 600 square mile facility is located smack dab in the middle of Indian territory
Nez Pierce   Umatilla  Yakima   Coeur de Alene   Spokane   Warm Springs  &  Colville  native nations
surround this site.

Established  in 1943  this site has supplied weapons grade plutonium for the US warpath for decades.
The storage tanks are way past their 20 year life span and the site has been undergoing a $12.2 billion
 ten year clean up project, said to be badly bungled by Bechtel National Inc.

Does that name ring a bell?  Bechtel has quite the international  guzzle going on for a century now.  Responsible for many of the nuclear facilities,  big oil pipelines,   deep sea drilling rigs around the globe,   classified communication systems,  dams highways & bridges, military contracts,   mass transit infrastructure,  petrolum & chemical plants,  mining & metal projects,  civil infrastructure ie: Washington DC , as well as water systems design and management.   In fact they are attempting an international monopoly on water supply and distribution through governments' privatizing national resources.

This all consuming greed has got many of us glowing in the dark
 as we mutate into mighty mandibles
able to gnaw through these parasitic corporate snares.........Bechtel  beware!

                                                      Feb 2013 
                                 Ground Crew   Gaia Station    Hector Vector

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