Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Solar City Community Centre

International Children of Light Group

Imagine the experience of packing your bags lightly and say am going to a Solar city.
Were you enter 12 entrances based on your zodiac symbol. The road traveled is paved with gold. sterling silver curbs and not one gas car (vehicle of mass destruction) in operation where ever one may sit and stand being!

Are you a company or person?
We are seeking light workers, star seeds, humans from the most distant parts of the earth to be builders, children to assist us with surveying hundreds of thousands of acres on international crown land.

 Changing lives.


My bags are already packed hey kids are you coming along for peace love and unity, this is the Kingdom of Light a heavenly realm - away from darkness, despair and struggle.
Experience day time living where there is no night.


 buskers, music, art and much more...

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