Monday, November 25, 2013

Galactic Federation Federation of Light NOVEMBER 22 2013 Centaurian Anitheiess Jackson

Published on Nov 22, 2013
Through the will that you bring into the gateways of our cosmic star ships is where you are accepting that you have been on this duality journey for many lifetimes, and in finalizing this trip in a safe way of being is taking you deeper into your courageous natures for our light team. This is about a complete nature in seeing that there is no death for your body in this lifetime, which is how you are ascending beyond duality, which is how you are able to see the miraculous nature of being from the future. Sure, in informing those stuck in the lower ego self of such a reality, such souls are going to say "That is a bunch of baloney, this is a whole cult thing, I have you guys number, just make a bunch of stuff up do you?" Only this is not about going to talk to the Cabal which surely are going to try and discourage you from focusing on your ascension paths, as this is about spreading your truths to connect with those souls who are actually choosing ascension in this lifetime. Along with this comes consistent commitment to your light work in how you are seeing all removal of veils that before were in front of you to then embrace that you are here with consistent assistance. This is with who I am as your Commander Ashtar, of who we are of the angelic realms, of the Galactic Council, of the Galactic Federation of Light into more pathways that are centered in bliss, that are created from pure service.

As you are aligning more of your intentions to be sacredly expressed in how you are upgrading your own inner connections, then you are feeling the stream of balanced energies that you are consciously awakened more into. This is a feeling of lightness inside of your body, which is how you are seeing that you carry deep star connections that are shining in nature, that are divine in your nature. Through all of the hard work you have placed towards ascension so far there is still the final amount to place in, which is what you are experiencing now as you are seeing our galactic communities then merge with the surface of Earth. In coming here it was a brave reality to then see that you are courageous enough to be in a human form, even though you are not human, but Extraterrestrial, and to fit in as if you are a human. Then to live with humans, to see how the war paths have been created from the ground of Earth, to then succeed in your light missions beyond all of the suffering that has been created on your journey. This is about seeing that you have a strength inside of you that is rare on this planet in being from our galactic realms, in who we are of the Galactic Federation of Light, of your angelic guardians. As you notice all of these transmissions are crafted for your own embrace and elevation in your consciousness to then see more with your inner knowing.

Sure, those that are mocking our light missions and light work have no place in our galactic communities, and are in truth the voice of the Cabal, which is still supporting divisions, and war efforts. As you replace all such harmfulness with those of you that are awakened to more of the divine energies inside of you, then there is a magical essence that is brought through you in the form of peacefulness. This is the existence of your climbing more in your ascension process to then gleam only your light in full support of all that you are connected to in your entrance into more of your higher selves. In maintaining a consistent level of energy inside of you, then this is how you are able to feel more of the healing natures that are spiraling in your DNA activation into more light portals, which is your core of frequency exchanges. These go on daily from your travels when you "sleep" in our star ships, to your own body now in seeing that you are continuing to upgrade yourself more into a completion phase. This complete reality is where you are fully conscious, where your will is then able to keep rising you into more of our galactic home worlds where your reality is in a still nature. The stillness of your soul then brings you into a realm where there is no fear as the dominant nature, into a higher realm of our blissful paradise. Sure, those that are stuck in the mind of limitation and control, which are supporting religions are going to say with ego, "Heaven is only when you die, if you believe in it!"

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