Monday, November 18, 2013

Galactic Federation of Light - SaLuSa - Nov 13, 2013

Published on Nov 15, 2013
We have heard your call and rescue will be made of the lovelorn, as we are reconnecting both of your twin-souls or twin-flames and realigning both of your abilities to create in concert, overcoming any deficiency that weighs on you. Your happiness in this regard has been stolen and caused to be abnormal. This is being undone and your potency returned, you will be covered in your need for comfort and homeliness.

As we start our journey back to your society, it will be redeveloped in a hive of activity. The changes will bring people and nations closer together in an excellent and remarkable way. And add that you will have a fair Justice system, and it is still needed as some are still in a basic form of consciousness, where they lack good judgement. All tyranny will fall into suspension and revocation. You will have an assortment of awesome choices to pick from.

China will feature as bringing the needed breath of fresh air and clout to take your world beyond relying on oil, gas and coal. They are stimulating these changes overtly, so as to avoid inaccurate rumors. The new energy systems will be based on coming full circle and returning to Native people's tribal knowledge and wisdom, with careful attention to details of protecting the earth, water and air, where all things are treated as sacred. Many are intimidated by just how far the current system is away from where it needs to be, but you will be surprised just how fast complex actions and events can take place. When complete will Bring a balancing of male and female energies.

We are unknown or forgotten by most of humanity, but have always been helping ward off evil that threatens to constrain your good nature, and you have demonstrated an abundance of serene confidence through these trying times.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you we consider drinking alcohol a poison, as we would fail in our duty to guide you if we did not tell you this, and know this may seem a hard imposition for some. These messages may seem outdated or like a weapon to some, but they are simply a hologram, like in a hall of mirrors, where your image is reflected over and over again, creating an illusion of 'other' or 'multiple' when there is only yourself. Many have suffered from a disease of silence while others rights and property were taken but this will be cleansed and purified with a light hand.

Thank You SaLuSa.


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